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There is no denying that learning effective brand building is the most important skill that one can learn. That being said, how many of us really know how to use world class brand building principles in our day to day work to grow our business? There seems to be a lot of confusion about branding, and a lot of gap from what people need and what people know about brand building. This course aims to reduce that wide gap and implement the ideas in Bangladesh market.

Benefit of the course

- Understand how to identify and establish brand positioning and values
- Understand how to plan and implement brand marketing programs
- Understand how to evaluate a brand equity management system
- Understand how to design strategies that retain existing brand resonance
- Understand how to manage brand crisis
- Understand new theory of branding


Interactive presentation and various example

Contents of Training:

Topic 1: Introduction to brand management
Introduction to the concept of branding, understanding what a brand is and why branding is important.

Topic 2: Building Brand Differentiation
Understanding brand availability, brand right price, 4P of marketing mix and what next most important, customer perspective, repeat business.

Topic 3: Brand elements
The law of name, the law of shape and the law of color. Xerox, Coca-Cola example.

Topic 4: Brand value chain
Understanding the law of credentials, the law of quality and the law of company. Rolex, Sony case example.

Topic 5: Designing brand building marketing programs
Understanding the law of publicity, the law of advertising and the law of word. The Body Shop, Luxury car case example.

Topic 6: Brand Flexibility
Understanding the law of expansion, the law of contraction and the law of extensions. Soft drinks and cigarette case example.

Topic 7: Managing brands over time
Understanding the law of sub brands, the law of siblings, the law of consistency and the law of change. Holiday Inn, Chewing gum, BMW, CITIBANK case example.

Topic 8: Managing brands over geographic boundaries and market segments
Understanding the law of border, different cultures, and learning the tastes and preferences of the different market segments.

Topic 9: Managing brands in crisis
To know how brand can be rebuild once facing Environmental Hazards & Contamination, mismanagement and product recall. Maggi Noodles, IPL, Kingfisher Airlines, Samsung Note 7 case example.

Topic 10: Managing brands creating blue ocean
Blue ocean strategy is the latest sensation and one of the most important strategic tools that is being adopted in all the biggest organizations of the world. Here we will learn the key aspects of Blue Ocean Strategy and how we can use this to deal with competition as well as create world class brands.

Topic 11: Brand Scenario of Bangladesh

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