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Effective Negotiation Techniques and Strategies


With the effect of changing business environment and practice due to the growing opportunities in Bangladesh and all over the world, the necessity of dealing through negotiation has become one of the value-worthy tools in recent times. Bangladesh’s upraised business operations also demand the useful usage of negotiation techniques and practice to make the overall business scenario more sustainable and contemporary. As the role of negotiation equally contributes to the preparation and closing phases of deal making, effective Negotiation helps people to resolve the entire conflicting situations- the differences with someone else. The aim of Negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to all and leaves both parties feeling that they've won in at least some way. This day-long training session introduces delegates to an array of Negotiation Techniques and Strategies that can be used in a wide range of conflicting situations.

How Participants will benefit after course:

Participants will learn all the basics of Negotiation study and practice and will be introduced to some of the effective exercises where negotiation can play a significant part to conclude the issue with a note of satisfaction. This course will help the participants to increase individual and business performance with an organization as they will be able to identify the source of any conflict and the way to resolve it successfully. The participants are expected to contribute in a better way to save time, money, stress and most importantly relationships that will result in better deals, higher sales and more satisfied clients and suppliers.

This intensive course will benefit the audience through following points:
• The wide range and context of negotiation
• The different Negotiation styles available and when and how to use them
• Key elements and phases of negotiation
• How to develop and use comprehensive negotiation planning guide
• Usefulness of BATNA and ZOPA
• Effective Tactics and Ploys of negotiation in different circumstances
• The importance of Communication and developing Relationship Rapport in negotiation
• A range of Ethical Negotiation Tactics and Techniques that strengthens position
• The Golden Rules of successful Negotiating


Interactive lecture and discussion, Picture based Power-point presentation, Experience sharing from day to day life, Individual and group exercise, Video Clips.

Contents of Training:

Session 1:
• Contexts of Negotiation
-Defining Negotiation, What is not Negotiation, Range of Negotiation Context
• Types of Negotiation
-Situational Negotiation, Style based Negotiation
• Types of Negotiator
-Soft Negotiator, Hard Negotiator, Comparison between Soft and Hard Negotiator
• Individual Exercise on Identify the Type of Negotiator

Session 2:
• Key Elements of Negotiation
-Prepare, Rehearse, Describing Position, Propose, Bargain, Agree
• Negotiation Strategies
-Avoiding, Accommodating, Collaborative, Competitive, Compromise
-Practicing Conflict Resolution Exercise (Questionnaire based)
• Negotiation Stages and Phases
-Preparation Stage, Opening Stage, Bargaining Stage, Closing Stage, Implementation Stage, Length of the Stages
• Players in Negotiation
-Negotiating with Yourself, Negotiating with Single Opponent, Negotiating with Groups and Teams, Negotiating through Agents
• Negotiation Planning Guide
-Define the issues, Assemble the issue, define the agenda, Analyze the other party, Define the underlying interests, Consult with others, Set goals for process and outcome, Identify your own limits, Develop supporting documents

Session 3:
• Key Concept of Negotiation
-BATNA, ZOPA, Reservation Price, Value creation to value claim
• Tactics or Ploys in Negotiation
-Good Cop-Bad Cop, The Highball-Lowball, The Straw Man, The Nibble, Playing Chicken, Snow Job, Russian Front, Salami
• Negotiation Approaches to Handle Different Opponent
-How to handle difficult opponent, How to handle negative opponent, How to handle unresponsive opponent

Session 4:
Sessions will start with a Video Clip based on Negotiation
• Barriers to Negotiate
-Die-hard Bargainers, Lack of Trust, Information Vacuums, Structural Impediments, Spoilers, Differences in Gender and Culture, Difficulties in Communication, Partisan Perceptions, Irrational Expectations, Overconfidence
• Communication in Negotiation
-Indirect and Direct Communication, Explicit and Implicit Communication, Verbal Communication, Non-verbal Communication, Why Relationship Matters
• Ethics in Negotiation
-End-Results Ethics, Rule Ethics, Social Contract Ethics, Personal Ethics, Ethics based Negotiation
• Golden Rules of Negotiation
• Ending Exercise on Negotiation to assess the development of negotiation skills

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